You and Me

Dear Caroline,

I could have never imagined a deeper bond than the one I have with you baby girl. From the moment we met, I knew you were the best thing to happen to me. I cherish the Mommy-Daughter moments we have on a daily basis and your constant need for me and no one else.

Tonight my heart broke as I rocked you and sang  “candles” your favorite mommy remixed version of a Rent classic. Today our perfect relationship just you and me changed forever. Your dad and I joke that we perfected it on the first try so no need to expand our family.

Well, sometimes things happen (we will talk about that when you get older) and life changes in the blink of an eye…

I am so sorry we won’t have that just you and I vibe for the rest of your life, but I hope this new brother or sister brings as much excitement and joy to our lives as you have. You are going to conquer the world little one, and I cannot wait to see how wonderful of a big sister you become.



Mommy AKA your BFF for life


Written on 2.16.17


How do they learn this!

We were at Home Depot on a weeknight picking out paint for a bathroom reno when it happened… The paint mixer man approached us as I was holding my tired two and half year old and he approached us to ask if we needed help. My daughter said to him as she cuddled into my shoulder “Go away, Mommy and Caroline Don’t like you.”

OHH M GG what did she just say.!

I  told her that was not nice and to apologize. I explained that saying that would make him sad and we don’t want to make other people sad. Right away she seemed to understand that what she said was mean and exclusive. She started to feel remorse so every time he walked by she would say “sorry” “I’m so sorry”. Luckily it was a good learning moment, one that I hope to sticks…

Where on earth does a two and a half-year-old learn this stuff! The rest of her class are two and three and we have no older children in the house, my gosh does this really start this early!?! Thinking into the future I am terrified to imagine the bullying she will receive and dish out. It is mind blowing to me that it starts this soon.

I can only hope that she offers my husband and me the opportunity to teach her right from wrong. Her teacher once told us she is a gentle leader and the kid in class who doesn’t just have one or two friends but is friends with everyone in class. Praying she stays that way forever!